Public Engagement for Website

Hello friends,

As part of our final year project, we are running a public engagement of science project where we are testing out novel ways of communicating the science of extracellular vesicles, a molecule that is set to change the world’s healthcare!

We were wondering if you could spare us a few minutes to fill out some questions before and after looking at our website with loads of clickable information about these extracellular vesicles and what they do in disease. This gives us some idea of how well the information is communicating across and what needs developing further. 

If that is OK then follow the easy instructions below:

1. First click on the link below to give you the details on the project and provide consent to us using the answers for the research.

2. Then click here to fill out part 1 of the questionnaire and answer the 10 questions

3. After you have submitted your questions then go to the website below to see the website and have a good look around

4. Once you have played round with the website then go to part 2 of the questionnaire to answer the 10 feedback questions at

5. Go about your day knowing you have helped develop a public engagement tool that feeds the future of education!

We really appreciate your help on this as it provides really valuable information to develop the work further.